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At The Band Pipeline, what we love most is playing in a band – just like you! We know how difficult it
can be to focus on your music and also effectively market your band. So we created The Band Pipeline
to help bands market themselves with professional and sharable audio and video content.
We record your band live and onsite to get the full experience of your unique talent, look, and sound.
These recordings are used to create shareable content that you need to promote, market, and land your next gig.
We have found time and again that venue owners love this content and find it helps them make
decisions about which bands to book. Bands we have worked with also frequently use this content in
their own social media channels to keep fans engaged. Both sides of the business will tell
you how valuable professional content can be for your band.

We even have capabilities for live streaming,helping you to grow your fan base,
and allowing for new revenue streams.

what we do

John, Vocalist

Robert and his crew are great to work with. Produces quality work. Would Highly recommend him to anyone.

Alex, Streamer

Simply an amazing team that is very helpful. Extremely productive and helped us get the job done!

Tammy, Streamer

Robert and his team are great people to work with. All the work they have done turns out simply amazing. I am looking forward to working with them again.

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